Your efforts in creating such an amazing organization will impact so many lives and will continue to give more than we could ever measure.
— Jennifer Burton, Principal, Maria Mitchell Elementary School in Denver, Colorado

This year my son has been enrolled in the pre-K class at Little Treasures. He has learned so much and is starting to read and sound out words. He loves reading and listening to new stories. We work on figuring out what the problem or situation in the book is and work on guessing what will happen next. I would like to say Thank You for providing books for my son to bring home and share with our family. Once we have read them a few times, he then shares them with his little sister and also with his grandparents. These books aid in his creativity and imagination. Thank you so much for helping preschools around Colorado! Reading is a very important skill that will contribute to their successes later in life. Thank you again!

Amanda Doyle

"My teachers have shared numerous ideas about how they have used your books as a practicum. Our children read and learn alongside their parents while creating projects, reading and creating recipes, and most importantly, exchanging and verbalizing feelings, thoughts, goals, and family issues. Your book gifts became not only instruments for academic improvement, but tools for family bonding—so rare in our student’s lives.

Your generous contribution, along with creative lessons planned by Columbine teachers, brought generations of extended families and community members together to discuss the stories of their lives and their families’ rich traditions and core values."

Stephen Wera
Columbine Elementary School, Denver

Research shows that language interaction between parents and children is crucial in children's brain development, and that reading is vitally important in improving the quality of that interaction. Put simply, read to your child and they will be smarter for ever! The Book Lady and her team of volunteer helpers have worked wonders in supplying free books to families in need around Colorado. So many smarter children for the future!

Professor Keith Topping BA, MA, Phd, FBPsS
University of Dundee, Scotland

The books you so generously gave our students will be held by many little hands and read many, many times. Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated. Your efforts in creating such an amazing organization will impact so many lives and will continue to give more than we could ever measure.

Jennifer Burton
Maria Mitchell Elementary School

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing addition your books have been to the learning that is happening for my students this year. It took time to figure out how to best use the books.

The ten books became an integral part of my literacy program and, in fact, my program was built around them. As the year passed, all ten books went home with the children. It was a fabulous way to reach out to families and strengthen the home school connection.

Eileen Lowe
Harrington Elementary School

Many of these children have no books in their homes. We work with the most at risk children and have a large increase in the number of homeless children.  Literacy and having a book of their own has such an impact on these families and their future success in school.  They are so proud to have the books and are excited to have anyone read them.

 Ilona Witty, Early Childhood Principal in Salida, Colorado